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Taking care of your business means employing people from the community, feeding your family, and offering something to people in the area. You want to protect your business, and that starts with your roof.

It does not matter the type of business that you own, we can help install a new roof, replace an old one, or repair one that still has some life in it. Our contractors have worked many jobs where they have to work around HVAC systems, fans, and other obstacles. We know how to pay care and attention to your business so that our own business thrives.

If you have an old business or a new one, we can help you. Even if you are unsure about your roof, we can come out for a free consultation. We know that money is tight, so there is no obligation to spend.

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What You Should Know About Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing can get complicated. There are not many roofing companies who will take on the liability that comes with this type of roofing, and even fewer who have the skill and experience to do a good job. We are a company that you can trust, and we know our way around a commercial roof.

When it comes to your business, we know that time is of the essence, and problems caused by a roof can put you out of business. We take pride in our professional installation and repair, and our competitive prices.

With our expert knowledge, we know the permits needed to work on certain roofs, and we can pull those so you have no extra hassle.

We service new commercial roof installations, roof replacement, and commercial roof repair. We can deal with flat roofs and sloped ones. When we work, we are code-compliant at all times.

With commercial roofing, the devil is in the details. While we are up there, we will check the entire roof, and ensure that everything is repaired and sealed. Unlike many other businesses, we will also come back should you have any problems.

The main thing to know about commercial roofing is that we are the best in the area.

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Huntington Beach Roofing Pros, our goal is to install roofing that compliments your already beautiful home (or business) in the Huntington Beach area.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roofing and can handle anything.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Just like a residential roof, commercial roofs will last a lot longer if you do some regular maintenance. Keeping them clean and free of debris will go a long way to improving the longevity of your roof, but we know, as a business owner, that you do not always have time. For any roof maintenance, give us a call.

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We Do Commercial Roofing In The Following Areas

We service the neighborhoods of Adams, Yorktown, Garfield, Oak View, Newland, Wintersburg, Goldenwest, Sunset Beach, Bolsa, Chica, Washington and any other area in Huntington Beach.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (714) 475-7187

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